About Us​

Who We Are

We provide Inspection Services, Professional Certificates, in-depth training courses and technical consultancy. With our knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and uncompromising dedication to safety, we make sure that your operations adhere to the strictest regulations.

Our Mission

Bolt Inspection is committed to offering thorough inspection services that guarantee safety, boost productivity, and go above and beyond client expectations. We provide quality and dependability that is unmatched because to our accuracy, professionalism, and ongoing progress.

Our Vision

To become the global leader in inspection excellence, revolutionizing industry standards through innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies. We will achieve this by providing our clients with the highest quality inspection services, ensuring the safety, reliability, and compliance of their assets.


Providing thorough heavy equipment inspection and training services aimed
at ensuring the performance, dependability, and safety of your equipment and staff.

Core Values


In all of our dealings, we uphold the greatest standards of ethics, honesty, and transparency. We are dedicated to following moral standards, protecting customer information, and fostering a relationship of trust with all of our stakeholders.


Excellence is something we aim for in everything we do. We are committed to providing inspection services that are of the highest caliber and go above and beyond industry norms. Our pursuit of greatness is motivated by our precision, attention to detail, and dedication to ongoing progress.


We place a high priority on the health of our customers, staff, and the communities we serve. To maintain the highest degree of safety in all our inspection operations, we adopt best practices, abide by strict safety protocols, and make use of cutting-edge technologies.


We constantly provide our clients with precise and dependable inspection reports, making us a trusted partner. Our team of skilled experts is dedicated to prompt service, dependability, and providing thorough reports that support informed decision-making.


We value innovation and are always looking for innovative ways to improve our inspection processes. We give our clients creative solutions that promote efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and better results by being on the cutting edge of technological developments and market trends.